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Anyone can create an event. It's a quick and easy way to get other people involved in the things you care about. To get started, just fill out the form below. If you have any trouble with this tool, please email help@mygreenapple.org.

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Conserve Energy These projects tackle energy efficiency and explore alternative energy sources through energy audits, educational signage and more.
Educate You don’t have to get your hands dirty to play an important role on Day of Service. Educational programs such as free workshops and seminars for students and communities and tours of LEED certified buildings teach about the importance of school and campus improvements.
Green Apple Day of Service Not sure which category your project falls under? That’s ok! Register here, and fill in the details later.
Help My School If you work at or attend a school that would love to host a Green Apple Day of Service project, but you need more help to get started, register under this category. People who have volunteer time, expertise or other resources to share will be able to find you, and will help bring a successful event to your community on Green Apple Day of Service. Once you have signed up here, use the link to ask community partners for help!
Indoor Improvements These projects look for ways to improve the indoor environment at a school, including classroom clean-ups, low-VOC paint jobs, lighting upgrades, recycling programs and more.
Save Water These projects find ways to use water more efficiently and teach people and communities about this essential resource. Project ideas can include replacing fixtures, collecting rainwater or creating signs reminding people about responsible water use.
Waste Not Some Day of Service projects can jumpstart long term best practices. Kick off a recycling program, teach students about composting, or encourage your entire community to have a waste-free Saturday.